Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tujuan Hidup!! Video menarik yang harus ditonton bersama!

Assalamualaikum. ni info yang menarik yang harus dikongsi bersama. Video ini dibuat oleh seorang pemuda dan telah menarik ramai orang non-muslim untuk mendalami agama Islam hanya dengan beberapa minit. Video yang membuatkan pelakon fast and furious, Tyrese gibson juga berkongsi video ini di Twitter beliau, kerana terlalu tersentuh dan membuatnya berfikir .

 jom tengok video dibawah:

"what are we doing here and where we going to go?
its like we just woke up one morning and then its welcome to the show.
dont ask any questions just go with the flow.
make as much money as you can and try your best not to get broke.
copy everything you see on the tv from the hairstyles to the clothes
and dont think too often just do exactly as your told.
you ever get confused then turn towards the alcohol.
you still hear your thoughts?
then just turn up the radio as you learn to live a lifestyle of drugs,
sex and rock n' roll.
but in all honesty, i just need to know,
is there more to the cycle than growing and getting older.
living and dying just to leave behind happy home.
and a whole lot of property that someday else is going to own.
i just really need to know before the caskets closed.
cause i'm not willing to gamble with my soul, nor am i ready to take any chances
these are just simple life questions and i'm just searching for some answers
like what are we doing here and what is our purpose
how did we get here and who made us so perfect?
and what happens once we go or is this world all really worth it.
questions we don't answer because apparently we don't really have to.
there's no purpose to this life and our existence merely natural?
in that case please let me ask you.
did you create yourself or was it somebody else who had fashioned you?
because you're being that's impeccable faultless and unparalleled.
you are a product of supreme intelligence and i'm merely being rational.
for there isn't camera on this earth that can come close to the human eye
nor a computer that can compete alongside the human mind.
and if the whole world was to come together, we wouldn't be able to create a single fly
so many signs yet we still deny.
as science tries to justify that all this could come from none
when it's simple sum, zero plus zero cannot possibly ever give you one.
so from where did all this order come?
for everything has its origins a maker a creator of its own.
i mean the only reason your watching this video is because somebody had to press upload
so you can believe in the Big Bang but I'd rather believe in He who caused it to explode
Allah, The creator of the everything along with every single soul
The Everliving, The Master, the only one who is in control
unlike this creation beyond our imagination and NO,
He's not a man nor has be any partners in association,
He's on his own.
and neither did He ever leave us alone
just like any manufacture he left us with an instruction manual
The Quran and Islam and I'm sorry to jump to conclusions but it's the only one possible
the only definition of God as the one and Only, supreme being its logical
a book with zero contradictions with miracles that are both scientific and historical
all revealed over 1400 years ago
like the detailed description of the human embryo
to the mountains as pegs holding firm the earth below
and the two seas that don't mix in a complete separate flow
to the planets in orbit alternating night and day as they stay in float
the expansion of the universe and the creation of everything from H2O
to the stories of the past and the preservation of Pharaoh
to identify the lowest point in the land where Persian defeated Rome
the gushing fluid that created man in the gland between the ribs and the backbone
and not a world has changed its still the same
so please explain how all this was known over 1400 years ago
to a man who couldnt read or write, as he would recite what ever the angle spoke
and you still dont believe please try come up with something thats even close
but you cant.
so we took God as mockery and his Messengers as a joke
dismissed his scriptures as legends and tales of the ancient folk
as we life according to our whims, desires and hopes
saying this life is the only home we will ever know
we will live then die and simply turn to bones
correction: after the grass dies the rain arrives it re-grows
and Allah promises to do the same thing to your every soul
and bring you back from your very fingertips to your toes
as the all Seeing Supreme Being watches us so close as we are surely being tested
in our wealth, our health, our self and everything that we've been blessed with
so believe for we will surely be resurrected
and be brought back to Lord in account for every single deed
as he hands us our books and order us to "READ"
from the bad to the good and everything in between
you, yourself are sufficient for you own accountability
so dont be mad at me,
i gave you a whole life long to search after me
but you were so busy chasing all that which was temporary
so read
and glad tidings to all those who believed.
but if you disbelieve, READ
and dont let that day be the first day you
find out what your life really means

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome back mr Curry to Year 2014!!

                  Assalamualaikum semua!!
Finally the rock curry is back to the WWE the blogging world!!..yay? == hohoh 

uikss dah tahun 2014 ?? zzz x sempat nk post ape2 pon for tahun 2013 nyer entry T-T wahlao eh!!!sorry Gengx. blog ni dah lama berhabuk.

apa2 pong, encik curry nk ucap terima kaseh daun keladi kepada anda-anda semua yang still sudi jenguk2 blog ni walaupun owner die dh lama pi (-___-)zzzz lala land.

ok ni je for skrg.
dh mlm nie. esok kita sambung 'cer' balik.  okeh?=) Wo zhao le.bye


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

nak wajah cantik?

salam. agak lama dah tak conteng dinding blog nih gan ayat2 racun :)
apa khabar? 4 bulan dah kan? hrp semuanya sihat dan selamat.

kepada adik ku, Nisya,
selamat berjuang dalam UPSR 2012. semoga sucess selalu hendaknya.

ni la paint yg dia lukis baru-baru ni. makin lama makin berbakat lak
nengok hasil keje dier. x lama lagi ada artis baru bakal dilahirkan kot?keh2.

Semalam saya dapat informasi mengenai cara untuk cantikkan wajah dengan asli.
ha, bagi kakak2 dan adik2 kat luar sana tu yg ingin cantikkan wajah tuh , jgn lepaskan peluang baca tips kat bawah ni yer. (Tringat lagi kat Miss N, pertama kali tgk wajah die selepas solat subuh, masa program BTN ,seolah2 disiram gan NUR cahaya. tu la buat Mr. C jatuh hati kot?) 

5 perkara merupakan khasiat solat dalam sabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud:

"Siapa tinggalkan solat Subuh, tiadalah NUR di wajahnya, 
 Siapa tinggalkan solat Zuhur, tiadalah padanya Rezeki yang berkat,
 Siapa tinggalkan solat Asar, tiadalah padanya Kekuatan badan (kesihatan),
 Siapa tinggalkan solat Maghrib, tiadalah padanya anak-anak yang bermanfaat (anak soleh yang sentiasa mendoakan kedua orang tuanya),
 dan Siapa tinggalkan solat Isyak, tiadalah padanya tidur yang nyenyak.

-dari Ustaz Dr. Mohd Zain