Monday, May 16, 2011

Dun play this game! MAPLESEA......... LOL

hi, good morning!how are you all today?quite cool tis morning isnt it? :)
well...lets skip the nice intro. Today i would like to share a little hobby of mine tat most of you here still never knew before and it's about: my online gaming experience, playing ''MAPLESEA'' game.

I remember the day exactly. It was a Saturday morning. After watch my little brother playing those game for few times, i suddenly became so furious and curious to try that Bloody ''MAPLESEA'' thing. (online game).

what is MAPLESEA?
MapleStory is a 2D scrolling platform game. The controls for the game are executed using the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is used for many game functions, and much of it can be rearranged to suit users' needs.  .The players combat monsters and complete quests, in the process acquiring in-game currency called "Mesos", experience points, and various items. For more info About this game u guys can go direct to this link: http://maple.asiasoftsea.net/

After download the game client patch, the small icon of the orange mushroom-like house sat on my desktop, begging for the double click that my  finger had so eagerly pounded into it. It was the start of a BEAUTIFUL friendship, and an UGLY addiction.

That day was a lot of firsts for me –  the first time playing an online game, the first time i wasting lot time in front of my laptop, and my first time playing an RPG. ( What is RPG?Short for role-playing game game.)
In this maple thing, u can choose 4 different job for ur character: a warrior, a magician, a thief and a bowman.
well , my first character was a bowman  and i named it as CURRYPUFF084 cos at that time i guess tis name is kinda cool/ unique. I screwed up my build, messed up my equips, misconstrued my skills; it was a total nightmare for training in today’s perspective but tat time, I didn’t care much. All I did was love out of that game, logged on to play it every day and played every hour.

There was somewhat more of a camaraderie (what is camaraderie? from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/camaraderie : Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends; comradeship) and  back then as opposed to what there is now; in our guilds and whatnot we would spend hours hanging out, and killing monsters. I suppose one could say we lived the Maplestorian Dream, so to speak: killing monsters and hanging out with friends. We would adventure together and pretend we were explorers forging a path through some foreign land; Sleepywood and the Ant Tunnel seemed so wild and untamed to us. Still, it was just a 2D videogame that I just poured hours of my life into, not a real-life experience. Oh, the sugarcoating of nostalgia.

After pouring what was years into a bowman that got to level 128, screwed out its stats to something unimaginable (I had no idea these “builds” existed and so I added whatever I felt was necessary. Endgame for “CURRYPUFFO84” was with 6 LUCK or so)  I finally quit maple-ing for a while. Yet, the game would still haunt me for years to come – and to this very day.

why mr curry love tis game?
cos if u press F1-F7 button, got  lot of CUTE emotion list tat will appear from your character face such as:

-normal expression

-F1 button (hit)

-F2 button (happy)

-F3 button

-F4 button (sad)

-F5 button (angry)

-F6 button (stunned/blur)

-F7 button


mr curry suggest u all shud watch this cute video:

video from http://www.bharatstudent.com/ctv/watchvideo.php?vid=ibbppcbkiffo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cerita yg mungkin mencuit hati anda :D

curry original story, cerita yang mungkin mencuit hati anda! 

 :D hi apa khabar? eh eh dah bulan 5 dah, hahah cepat sangat masa berlalu kan? oklah, let skip the nice intro.
kali ni encik curry nak share cerita yg mungkin akan mencuit hati anda.

Tempat kejadian: di meja makan rumah atuk sebelah emak.
Masa: 4-5 tahun yg lepas waktu makan tengah hari.

kali ni curry nak bercerita dalam 2 bahasa iaitu bahasa melayu sarawak dan bahasa melayu(Malaysia) :
 ni edisi bahasa sarawak, yg x faham tu nanti curry translate lam bahasa melayu lepas abis cerita kay? :P

Cerita (edisi bahasa Sarawak)

time tgah layan karenah si Noob (nama seekok pusak), tiba2 teringat balit gan cerita seorang cucu gan nenek udak (adik kepada atuk sebelah emak) masa makan2 kira2 5-6 taun yg lepas. ceritanya lebih kurang kedak tok la.

cucu: mimimimi....(tgah memangil pusak utk makan)

(pusak ya buat muka derk jak, sik maok ngagak.)

cucu: aih, datang la sitok. orang mok berik makan tok. sik menjawab kau ah? eksen benar kau ya. (tgah bercakap gan pusak)

nenek udak: kau tok, mun pusak ya pandei menjawab lak. kau gan aku sekali berekot keluar umah kelak.

curry : ketawak berdahak2...mena eh,  (tgah terbayang2 kalau2 pusak ya bena2 menjawab lebih kurang kedak tok : aok, aku datang makan)  mesti atuk gan cucu nya ya berekot sebijik mcm lam cerita stephan chow: kungfu hustle kat bawah towk :)

Cerita (edisi bahasa Melayu/Malaysia)

masa tgah layan karenah si Noob (nama seekor kucing), tiba2 curry teringat balik dengan cerita seorang cucu gan nenek udak (adik kepada atuk sebelah emak) masa makan2 kira2 5-6 taun yg lepas. ceritanya lebih kurang macam ni la:

cucu: mimimimi....(tgah memangil kucing utk makan)

(kucing tersebut hanya buat muka derk sahaja, x nak datang.)

cucu: aih, datang la sini. orang mahu beri makan ni. x menjawab kau ya? sombong betul kau ni. (tgah bercakap gan kucing)

nenek udak: kau ni, kalau kucing itu pandai menjawab nanti. kau dengan aku sekali berlari keluar rumah nanti.

curry : ketawa berdahak2...betul jugak,  (tgah terbayang2 kalau2 kucing tesebut betul2  pandai menjawab cakap manusia , lebih kurang macam ni : ya, aku datang makan)  mesti atuk gan cucu itu  akan berlari keluar rumah betul2 mcm dalam cerita stephan chow: kungfu hustle kat bawah ni :)

PSST: ni la si Noob , KUCING yg dah 4 tahun hidup bersama gan curry kat hostel ni.

Si Noob "teman curry"