Little Diary -__-!!


Today i feel very alone and quite bored here.
My Laptop keep making problem. will shut down itself if i
play game. (i believe due 2 overheat).
its an old laptop anyway duh~(9 years allready).
i feel very piss off.
another thing, today 1 of my fren ask me for help.
er i oso duno whether i shud call him fren o not.
cos he only come to me/ visit me when he have problem.
when he is free and no trouble, its quite rare to see him around.
but nvm, its oky. i dun have any hard feeling for him. only a little bit of 
disappointed deep~inside my heart. 

oya i forgot to tell ya guys about my weird dream,
i oso duno why tis girl suddenly appear inside my dream.
its quite weird cos actually i never chat/meet with tis girl before
in my real life. i  only happen to see her via fb and by blogging.
inside my dream, i chat and talk a lot with her. its like we 
 already know each other more than hundred years. she smiling a lot and
i also feel quite happy inside tat "dream". i wonder what tis dream is all about?

nth 2 say anymore. stop here.


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